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18 juli 2006

England, Kent

I had a wonderful week in England, Kent, maybe one of the best. Now I have lot of fine photos, memories and books, for hole winter... It's difficult to say which garden is the best one. I saw lot of topiary forms, I like the contrast.
Old Buckhurst, different colours, forms for foliage, 500 years old house.
Yew topiary and the Orangery in Belmont.
Great Comp Garden in Kent.
Queen Mother's Garden at Walmer Castle.
Pashley Manor, very charming garden.
Two Sisters Pond, Hever Castle garden.
Famous topiary in Great Dixter.
Grey and White Garden in Penshurst Place.
Lovely kitchen garden in Merriments.
Four Irish yews in Cottage Garden, Sissinghurst Castle Garden.
Wonderful mosaic steps à la Kaffe Fasett in Marle Place.

6 kommentarer:

Sigrun sa...

Hannele, each day I have looked if you are back! Thank you for those lovely photos from places, as which the most of I have seen by myself!
My friends are in Kent in the Moment and I have ordered Tea for me!

Hannele sa...

sigrun, I love a nice cuppa English tea, it vas very hot, +33°, but I enjoyed any moment.

A Woman Who is: sa...

I had fun viewing your blog. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I have been to Kent and to some of the gardens you visited. My favorite was Sissinghurst! The glorious garden rooms. I would love to see more pictures.

Hannele sa...

A Woman Who, Sissinghurst is my favorite too, you can found more pictures here.

A Woman Who is: sa...

hey hannele, I decided to post some of Sissinghurst pics. Your's brought back such good memories. Funny thing while I was posting, my husband was sitting in Gatwick at the airport, thinking about our trip there together. So the timing was amazing.

Did you find that lovely clematis at Sissinghurst? Clematis 'Alba Luxurians' I googled it, and it is a beautiful plant.

Hannele sa...

A Woman Who is: often you have a timing, you see things. I bought Clematis 'Alba Luxurians' in Sweden, I love it.